Renting a City Flat

While it is good that one has a lot of property options to choose from, it is often not possible to purchase your own property, leaving rental to be the only option available. Rented properties tend to have stern restrictions such as no designated parking, no garden, restricted decorating, restriction of keeping pets and so on. They may also require the tenet to sign a contract, sometimes these contract can be unfair or have 'hidden' clauses. If such event occurs it's best to consult with a lawyer who is well verses with contract disputes. They will be able to help you to resolve the issue and may be able to release the tenet from or change the contract.

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One of the biggest problems faced by people looking for flats to rent is the no pet policy. Living in a rental space by oneself can definitely get lonely at times, which is why it is good to have a pet around the house. This policy is strict in case of apartment complexes because there are people who specifically choose to live in such complexes in order to not be around pets. Therefore if you want to get around this policy then you should know where to look. Instead of going to apartment complexes, it would be advisable to go to privately-owned SFHs, triplexes and duplexes. Generally, the landlords here would be more willing to compromise on the policy if one negotiates well with them.

For people with a green thumb, living in a rental flat certainly does not feel like home because of the 'no garden' policy. While you may not be able to get round this rule and have a garden to yourself, you can definitely have a miniature version of it to satisfy your green thumb! Nothing says 'home' like potted plants hanging in the balcony or lying on the window sill. In the process of bringing a bit of greenery into your apartment in order to make it feel more like home, one can also opt for flowering plants to give the house more personality and to instantly perk up your mood!

In case of rental flats, tenants generally have to observe the restricted decorating rule. This is not an issue because one does not need to have ostentatious decorations in order to make the apartment feel like home, even little things can make a big difference! If you have a small apartment then you can throw in some mirrors on the wall in order to create the illusion of a bigger room. Rental apartments generally come with dull rugs, the good news is that it doesn't have to stay that way! One can always purchase rugs that go with the colour scheme of your rental apartment in order to add more life to it.

Also, in order to make the rental space seem more like home one does not need to burn a big hole in one's pocket. It is all about making the right purchase decisions. One can invest in furniture pieces that are reasonable and can still add some personality to a rental property!

Some Tennants take it upon themselves to break some of these guide lines and restrictions when they may not infact has the right to, these changes can both increase and decrease the value of the rented space, meaning that the tennant could be eligible to pay a higher rent should the land lord decide. It is in these situations that the rental contract must be referred to as this keeps both parties in line. When in the middle of contract disputes and it is unclear as to how the issue can be resolved, it is necessary to involve a litigation solicitor.