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Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Be Ready for Inconvenience

When you start your bathroom renovations, keep in mind that is one less bathroom you have to use. Be prepared to share another bathroom or if you only have one, planned to find an alternative option outside of your home.

Water Damage

One of the biggest problems bathrooms endure is the amount of water and moisture that accumulates on a daily basis. Make sure if you are remodeling to check for any damages before renovating but also ensure that you use waterproof materials in the future.

Heated Floors

Heated floors sound like a luxury, but once you have felt them on your feet after getting out of the shower you will understand. Consider installing a radiant heating flooring system so your feet stay warm after a hot shower!


Take into consideration the type of materials you use in your bathroom. You want to pick something that is easy to maintain and clean. You also want a durable material so you don’t end up replacing it again in the near future.

Consider the Trend

Remodeling for the latest trend sounds appealing but if you are looking to resale your house soon then going with a more traditional timeless look may be a safer option.

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Before You Remodel


Before you start to remodel, budget how much you want to spend beforehand. Then go and find the necessary materials needed that fit within your price range. Take into consideration labor costs, fixtures, or any other accessories that will complete your bathroom.

Talk to a Contractor

Communicate with the contractor on how long the project will take from start to finish. Keep in mind the time needed to order any materials or supplies to complete the project. Also talk about clean up procedures as you do not want to get stuck picking up the mess.


Before you completely remodel your bathroom, think about how you want your bathroom to look and what steps is needed to make that happen. For example the type of materials and fixtures needed. The most important part is finding a design that you like, but that is also functional as well.


Keep in mind the size of the bathroom and locate where all the electric and plumbing are in the room. You want to ensure that all new fixtures fit properly as this may cause some issues when remodeling.

Plumbing & Ventilation

Make sure all plumbing and ventilation is hooked up and working properly. Check to see if the shower, toilet, and sink are all installed and working before you pay anyone. These are the most crucial aspects of the remodeling process.


Many think Do It Yourself will save you money on a bathroom renovations and you are probably right but there are other factors to consider. The time and energy of replacing, installing, and cleaning up the bathroom is probably not worth your time or headache. Hiring a contractor eliminates all of those aspects and ensures the job is done correctly.

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Hiring a Contractor

Set up a specific plan before you talk to a contractor so you get a more accurate estimate.

Ask friends, co-workers, neighbors for a trusted contractor in your area.

Interview multiple contractors to find the right one for you.

Ask what work will be done by the company employees or what will be done by subcontractors.

Check to see if contractor is licensed, insured, and has all certifications to complete the job.

Check references and online reviews so you get the best quality of work.

Get the project in writing so there are no hidden fees and so you know the timetable of the project.

Do not pay until the project is finished and you are completely satisfied!

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