Benefits of Different Window Treatments

by Tim Gorman

Posted on March 6, 2017 at 1:00 PM

A room with beautifully upgraded window treatments.

If you are looking for new window treatments for your home, you should think twice before you redecorate. Besides choosing the most stylish d├ęcor, you should keep in mind that energy efficiency is important too.

In the summer, the sun is constantly heating up your house, so picking the right window treatments is crucial.

In the winter, you want to be able to retain as much heat as possible. Preventing heat from escaping will not only keep your house at a reasonable temperature but will keep more money in your pocket as well.

Draperies are great for the summer months because they do not hold heat making your room more comfortable. Draperies are not only great for the summer but for the winter months too because they reduce heat loss.

Window shades should be a window treatment you should consider as well. They are not only simple but offer a variety of different colors and styles. Roller shades and roman shades are great for all seasons because they retain the warm air in the winter and keep the heat from the sun out in the summer.

Blinds (vertical or horizontal) are an excellent choice if you are looking to reduce summer heat. You have the freedom to adjust how much light comes in which will vary the temperature of the room. Though blinds are great for the summer months, they are not very energy efficient when it comes to retaining heat when the outside temperature is cold.

Choosing the right window treatment is essential for a comfortable home. Next time you are looking to decorate, think about the type of treatment that would look best in your home but also decide if it's efficient as well.