A beautiful wood floor and carpet.

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One of the biggest draws to carpet is the softness. This works great in bedrooms, children’s areas, and living rooms.

Carpet is warmer than hardwood floors or tile especially in the winter months. Because it is not porous, it insulated the rooms better as well.

Soft and warm makes carpet appealing and more comfortable to homeowners. It is easier to stand, sit, or lay on. Carpet makes your room more soothing and relaxing as well.

Though considerably less expensive, carpet is not as durable as hardwood floors but the life span can be extended if properly maintained.

The softness of the carpet creates a natural padding from the floor which is a safer flooring option.

Installing carpet will also make the floors more quiet to walk on especially if you are installing it upstairs.

Carpet is also children friendly as I stated before it is more comfortable and safe to play on.


Provide comfort and safety.

Cushions falls and absorbs sound.

Natural insulator in the winter months.


Not as durable as hardwood or tiles.

Can get snagged easily which damages the carpet.

Harder to maintain.

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Hardwood floors are considered more high-end and natural compared to tile or carpet.

Easy to maintain and clean because of its solid smooth surface.

Better option if you have allergies as carpet tends to hold more dust and microorganisms.

Though more expensive, hardwood floors are more durable.

If damaged, hardwood floors can be refinished to look new. With often easy maintenance, hardwood floors will look newer for longer.

Hardwood floors are versatile because if you want a softer floor, you can put a rug down wherever.

Hardwood floors are made from natural materials. Make sure when you purchase that is comes from a eco-friendly company.


Considered professional and high class.

More durable and easy to clean.

Better flooring option for allergies.

Versatile in almost every room.


Expand in high humidity environments.

More expensive than carpet or tile.

Can crack or break which leads to costly repairs.

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Variety of different styles, colors, and shapes which makes tiles a great flooring option.

Tile flooring is durable, solid, and a beautiful choice for any style home.

Tricky to install so make sure you hire a trusted professional.

Because it is ceramic, tile is prone to chipping or cracking.

Easy to replace because you can swap out individual tiles.

Stone tile flooring is more durable and heavy. Examples: granite, marble, travertines, and sandstone are all stone tile options.

Each style tile requires different care and treatment so be aware.

Easy to clean because of nonporous surface.


Various colors, shapes, and styles to choose from to fit your house perfectly.

More durable than carpet.

Though in the winter months it can be cold, tiles does retain the room temperature.

Waterproof so make sure grout between tiles is properly installed.

Easy to replace.


Prone to chipping and cracking if dropped on.

Hard on your feet.

Can be slippery when wet.

Grout can dirty over time.

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