HVAC Questions to Ask When Buying a New Home

by Tim Gorman

Posted on March 17, 2017 at 12:00 PM

A residential central air conditioning technician working on a condensing unit.

Many questions are asked when shopping for a new home, but one question many overlook is asking about the HVAC (i.e. heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. This is essential when looking for a new house because the last thing you want is continuous air conditioning repair service calls, and more bills to pay after moving in.

When looking for your next home, here are some important questions to ask regarding the central air conditioner:

  • What type of heating and air conditioning equipment is in the home?
  • How old is the heating and cooling system?
  • What is the system’s brand?
  • Is it under warranty?
  • What is the efficiency rating?
  • Does the owner have any maintenance or ac repair records?

If you do not want to set aside money for a new HVAC system, then make sure you take the proper steps and ask the right questions before purchasing a house. Here are some issues to look out for that may change your decision:

  • If the HVAC system is old and the seller will not replace it, ask for a discounted selling price so you can afford a new ac unit.
  • Make sure the air ducts are tightened and there are no tears in them. If not, cooling and heating your home may cause your utility bill to rise significantly.
  • Check to see if there is proper insulation in your attic and HVAC ducts by having a professional inspect both as this is vital to a properly working HVAC system.
  • Pay attention to the temperature and the quality of air in all rooms of the house. If there are any issues then that is a sign your HVAC unit is not working correctly.

These are all great questions and comments to think of when buying a house. Call an air conditioning service or an HVAC contractor to come inspect the system if you have any unanswered questions. Next time you look at a new house, make sure you check the HVAC system because it may be the deal breaker!