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Different Types of Plumbers

Plumbing Contractor

Responsible for the repair and installation of pipes, fixtures, or fittings for any type of draining system. The two main types of plumbers are a Master plumber and a Journeyman Plumber. Ensuring the job is done thoroughly and professionally, a plumber has been properly trained to give you the best quality work possible.

Master Plumber

Skilled in planning, supervising, and installation, a master plumber is certified for commercial and residential plumbing systems. Through extensive training, a master plumber is legally qualified to perform interior and exterior plumbing statewide.

Journeyman Plumber

A journeyman plumber is a qualified contractor who works directly underneath a master plumber. Licensed by state to perform any plumbing work needed, a journeyman is fully trained and expected to have experience in residential and commercial plumbing. Though qualified to perform any maintenance or installation, a master plumber may still be needed depending on the project.

Insured vs. Bonded

A qualified plumber should be bonded and insured to protect both you and the plumber from any unexpected cost or damages. Ask for proof of liability insurance and a surety bond before hiring a plumber to make sure you have a reliable contractor who will perform the task due diligently.

Commercial liability insurance: If any problems occur where the plumber you have hired is at fault, commercial liability insurance covers everything from property damage to being injured on the job. Though this is essential to have, a surety bond will further protect you.

Surety bond. Covers what commercial liability insurance does not. If the contractors work is unprofessional or incomplete, a surety bond will cover those additional expenses. A surety bond also covers any items stolen by the contractor or damages the plumber has caused.

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Emergency Plumber

Pay Attention!

Pay attention to who you are talking to when you’re on the phone. Is there a sense of urgency when talking to the person on the other end of the line? Do they sound like they are going to help you immediately? You can tell a lot about a company by their customer service when they answer the phone.

Over the Phone Quotes

I unfortunately learned this one the hard way. The price you receive over the phone is usually a base number and may significantly change once the damage is assessed on site. Emergency plumbing problems simply cannot be diagnosed over the phone — especially if you aren't talking with an actual plumber when you call.

Look for 24-Hour Emergency Services

When you are faced with a plumbing emergency, you need help fast. When searching for a plumber to call, look to see if their services are offered 24 hours a day. It is good to know that you have a 24 hour plumbing connect in case you run into any emergency problems in the future.

Check Online Plumber Reviews

When in an emergency situation, you probably are not going to be searching through the plumbing reviews, but if you happen to see constant negative comments maybe you should call another plumbing service because you do not want to make your situation worse.

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Hiring a Plumber

Important Considerations

Licensed and Insured: Check to see if the plumber is licensed and insured in your state so you are protected.

Experienced: Check if the plumber is experienced and established in your community.

Total Cost: Make sure all costs are final and agreed upon before working.

Contract: Obtain a written agreement on what is guaranteed and how long it will take to complete project.

Referral: Ask for referrals to see if plumber is dependable and trustworthy.

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