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Hiring a Siding Contractor

Local Contractor

Ask friends, co-workers, and neighbors for local siding contractors in your area. You can visit a siding supply store and ask for referrals of reliable contractors.

Interview Contractors

Interview multiple contractors so you can find the best worker for your price range. You want to make sure he is trusted and well-established in your community.


Ask the contractor for references so you can contact if possible to see how the workmanship is done.

Job Requirements

Discuss specific job responsibilities and your expectations for the project such as time to complete the project and the material that will be used.


Make sure you obtain a written contract that covers labor costs, material costs, and timetable. Make sure it is signed before work is done so you know the exact price of the project.

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Questions To Ask

Liability/Workman's Compensation Insurance?

There are all different types of coverages so make sure the contractor has the adequate coverage for the project.

Will Any Insulation Be Added?

The addition of insulation can substantially lower you energy bill. The contractor should discuss the types of insulation that is best for you home.

What is the Payment Schedule?

Be aware if there is a payment schedule before you make a decision. Some companies may require a down payment or specific payments needed to complete the project.

What Guarantees/Warranties Are Offered?

Most siding companies will offer some type of guarantee for the project while some materials have warranty. Familiarize yourself with the policies so you know who to hire or what materials should be used.

What Type of Siding Will Be Used?

First obtain a written estimate of all costs needed to complete the project. On the written estimate should be a list of the types of materials needed along with the brand name of each. This ensures there are no unexpected fees and you have multiple options to choose from.

Are You State Licensed?

Check the certifications of the siding contractor to make sure they are eligible to work in your state.

Do You Have References?

Again check to see if you can get any references to get a better understanding of who you are hiring.

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Choosing the Right Siding


Water resistant siding is more durable to the weather conditions and has a longer life span. You do not want to have to worry about mold or rotting.

Easy Installation

Check to see if the siding is easy to install so if in the future you need to replace any damage siding it is an easy fix.


Make sure you pick a siding that looks great from the outside as you and your neighbors will be looking at it daily.


If the outside of your home makes it difficult to side, pick a siding that is easy to work with and check to see if there are any added expenses for the adjustments needed.


Pick a siding that is economically efficient as this will lower you energy bill.


Choose a siding that is strong and weather resistant so you do not have to replace again in the near future. You want your siding to be durable to withstand all elements.

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