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Window Replacement Contracts


An estimate usually will have the price of the project and a general description of what needs to be done. It does not state the final costs or any alternative options.


A proposal is an agreement to do the project. There is where there are options by brand, price, and the different services the contractor can provide. It may outline the finances and order conditions to complete the project.


Most contracts are simple and upfront. The more experienced contractors may have a longer and more in depth contract that illustrates what exactly will be done.


When hiring a contractor, are there different products offered so you can pick the right one for your home? Make sure the contractor is familiar with the different type of products and manufacturers.


Make sure you have in writing the start and stop dates for the project. Clarify with the contractor the deadline to complete the project.


This enables a homeowner to cancel the contract within a certain date if you are not completely satisfied with the workmanship.


Verify all costs so you know exactly what you owe when the project is complete. Some contractors have different payment options so inquire about that.

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When To Replace Your Windows

Damaged or Broken

If you window is damaged, cracked, or warped from the outside elements then it’s probably time to replace your window. If you windows fog up or if you notice a draft that is a strong indication that it is time for a replacement.

Energy Bill

Replacing old windows can drastically improve your energy bill. Old windows can cause your energy bill to increase by 10-25% according to ENERGY.GOV. If you intend to sell your house in the near future, new energy efficient windows may be a selling point.

Home Value

If you have old and outdated windows, your house will look the same. Check to see if the window is warping or fading in color. Replacing your windows will make your house look newer and add value to your home.

Severe Weather

If you live in a coastal region or an area affected by hurricanes then replacing your windows will keep you safe from any severe weather damage. You want to ensure the safety of your home and family so by replacing with hurricane proof windows is smart.

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Energy Efficient Windows

The National Fenestration Rating Council rates ENERGY STAR WINDOWS according to the following factors:

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

How well the windows blocks and keeps out heat. The lower the number the better the quality.

Visible Transmittance

Indicates the amount of natural sunlight the window lets in. Higher the number the better.

Air Leakage

Amount of air that passes through the small cracks in the windows. Lower the number the better the window.

Condensation Resistance

How well the window resists fog and condensation. The higher number the better.

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